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    Permission to reside in the EU

    Residence permit in the EU for 3 years!

    National Visa D for 1 year


    Residence permit for 3 years

    Visa DResidence permit

    Stay in the territory of SCENGEN countries without restriction on the number of days



    Received for the period

    6-12 months

    3 years

    Extension for a period


    3 years

    Obtaining the status of an EU resident



    Terms of receipt

    up to 1 month or 3 months

    3-6 months

    Obtaining EU automobile rights



    European health insurance



    Possibility to buy a car and place it on an account in the EU on your behalf



    Getting permanent residence after 5 years and citizenship in the next 5 years



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    We have accumulated vast experience in the field of migration law, which allows us to rightfully occupy leading positions in the Polish and Lithuanian markets.

    More than 5 years on the market

    More than 1000 closed cases for obtaining a residence permit

    Residence permit from 4 months VISA D from 2 weeks

    The total authorized capital of our group of companies is 13.5 million euros

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    VISA D


    With a ready-made package of documents, you personally apply to the consulate or the Department of Migration in Warsaw

    To receive the visa D in the passport

    Residence permit

    For residence permit

    A lawyer submits the completed document by proxy to the Department of Migration in Warsaw

    Issue an ID card for a residence permit for 3 years!

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    Association of Legal Aid to Business - Migrants

    «Verslu Immigrantu Teisines Pagalbos Asociacija»

    The basis for issuing residence permit

    On what basis can I receive a Visa D or residence permit ?


    current version

    Website of the Department of Migration


    Grounds for VISA D

    • Article 17

    Reason for the residence permit

    • Article 45


    You acquire a new company or we open it for you power of attorney; The company fully complies with the requirements of the Lithuanian legislation. Of the Republic for obtaining a residence permit

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    Do you plan to make permanent residence in the future?


    Do you intend to obtain a residence permit with your family?


    Do you plan to open accounts with EU banks?


    Do you plan to do business in the EU?


    Your top priority:


    Have you had any refusals in visas, residence permit?


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    • For how long do you make a visa?

      -National D visa is issued for 1 year

    • What is included in the price?

      -The cost includes opening a company by proxy, a legal address and a virtual office, maintaining accounting documents, services to increase the authorized capital of the enterprise required to comply with the requirements of the law regarding business visa D

    • What is the price for the services?

      Service Packages: OPTIMA - national visa D for 1 year - 1500 euro; BUSINESS - D visa for 1 year + residence permit for 2 years. - 1500 euros + 2,500 euros; EXPRESS - residence permit for 2 years for 2 months + visa D for 5 months. optional. - 4500 euros +500 euros.

    • When will you make a visa D?

      Up to two weeks is spent preparing and submitting documents for a national visa D

    • Is the visa extended and how much does it cost?

      -Yes, for 1 year. The cost of the extension for 1 year - 1500 euros "turnkey".

    • What do I need to provide documents for obtaining a visa?

      1. The passport. 2. The photo (the sizes 3.5 on 4.5). 3. Certificate from the bank for the amount of 5000 euros or equivalent. 4. Honey. insurance for 1 year.

    • Do I need to personally attend the consulate or somewhere else?

      -Yes, personal presence is necessary, because at the first submission fingerprints are handed over

    • Do I need a power of attorney?

      -Yes, to open a new company.

    • What guarantees can you provide in obtaining and renewing your visa?

      - We have been working in the field of immigration in the EU for more than 5 years, our guarantees are compliance with the norms of migration legislation and our clients who have obtained the desired result.

    • Do you provide further counseling and legal assistance?

      -Of course, throughout the validity of the residence permit. And also in any, life situations, even the most difficult.

    • Will you be able to continue to help with obtaining a residence permit in the EU?

      -Yes of course. Submit documents for residence permits can not be earlier than 6 months from the date of opening the company.

    • Do you base a visa, if so, which one?

      -Yes, the basis for the National Business Visa D for business is the opening of a company in Lithuania that meets the requirements of the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania for obtaining a residence permit.

    • What is the price for the services?

      PACKAGES OF SERVICES: OPTIMA - D visa for 1 year. - 1500 euros; BUSINESS - D visa for 1 year + residence permit for 2 years. - 1500 euros + 2500 euros; EXPRESS - residence permit for 2 years + visa D for 7 days, if necessary. - 4500 euros + 500 euros.

    • What is the difference between a residence permit and a D visa?

      - The residence permit after 5 years of residence in the territory of the Republic of Lithuania gives the right to permanent residence permit (permanent residence permit).


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    Privacy policy

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    Definitions Personal data – any information relating to a directly
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